Khndzoresk is located in Syunik region of Armenia. This is really the place, when you can say that a man bent nature to his will and took the most of it. Khndzoresk canyon with its natural stone pyramids take a man’s imagination to ancient times, about what is said in Bible: ...And in those days there were Giants on the earth... From ancient times people lived in pyramids, digging artificial apartments and serving premises. In the history people of Syunik and Khndzoresk were considered to be the bravest and unbreakable. Khndzoresk and its governor proud meliks never betrayed their country. The role of this village became more important in 1722-1730 during Syunik national lib movement with its natural inaccessible position. Khndzoresk was the citadel of Syunik at that time. Armenian general Mkhitar, his son Aharon and his love Gohar are buried there. These graves are saint for Armenians.


  • Khndzoresk, Armenia
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