Harichavank is an Armenian monastery located near the village of Harich in the Shirak region of Armenia. Harichavank known as one of the most famous and oldest monastic centers in Armenia․ The monastic complex consists of two churches, a chapel, a belfry, a porch, a school and utility rooms. St. Gregory is a central domed cruciform church. The apses are pentahedral from outside and semicircular inside. A huge dome makes the church look majestic. In 1201 the second church of the monastic complex, church of Holy Mother of God was erected by princes Zakareh and Ivaneh Zakarians who bought Harich from the Pahlavouni noble family. The church of Holy Mother of God is a domed hall with two-storey side chapels in each corner. The facade is decorated rather rich. It adorned with rosettes, a sundial, doves and other birds. In the past there was a bas-relief depicting Zakhareh and Ivaneh brothers holding in their hands a tiny copy of the church (later on it was replaced by an onyx image of Holy Mother of God). All the buildings of the monastery are made of motley stones which were laid in a mosaic way.Not far from the main buildings there is a small chapel which is of great interest. The chapel is built on a piece of rock, which as a result of an earthquake split from the cape and the chapel is now towering over the canyon.


  • Shirak, Armenia
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